Damn, Blast 2018

Recent work reflects an interest in sites of performative creativity with a focus on an integral 1970’s music venue which was once situated in Liverpool and retrospectively, is considered to be of creative and cultural significance. I visited and documented the disused and dilapidated site in 2011.

Imagery from related 1970’s posters collected, documented, dissected and reprographically sampled, have been digitally altered and offered against a synthesis of incompatible and repellent surface materials. This method of clashing materials reflects a period of cultural upheaval and an often uneasy fractionalisation of disparate youth culture. An interest in graphically defunct, hand-rendered and outdated basic period 1970’s representational systems such as ‘Letraset Halftones’, form considerations of the obsolete. These systems are worked in opposition to the current digital age and hyper-enhanced screen environment.

The form of the work also draws on my memory of the gaudy décor in the original venue and documented traces of the cellar location’s previous usage.