A long the riverrun Success

The artists of a long the riverrun would like to thank all the patrons, sponsors, visitors and supporters who have variously contributed to making our painting exhibition for the Independents Biennial 2018 such as success.

From families, art professionals, collectors, students and shoppers, we enjoyed many rewarding and stimulating discussions and we were overwhelmed by the positive responses to the exhibition recorded in our visitor book. Over three weeks from 14 July-5 Aug 2018 over 3,600 people visited the show.

Finally, the truly outstanding volume of sales from our exhibition will we hope mark this as a significant exhibition for the city, provide an affirmation of modern painting, and demonstrate the clear appetite for contemporary art in Liverpool.

August 2018



You can read the interview here by Independent Biennial 2018 writer-in-residence Joanie Magill with the exhibition’s co-curators (published October 2018)